Every Flagship instructor holds an USCG Master's License, and each has decades of real sea service on the water.



"I found this hard to believe, but even facing a class with large differences in experience and education, Skip demonstrated an ability to present the materials as an instructor and coach with a method that created such enthusiasm that he was able to keep the attention of all students, instill confidence in everyone, and develop everyone's maritime skills successfully."

John Long, Attorney


Captain Skip Anderson

Director, Flagship Maritime

Captain's License Training Instructor

Captain Jan Anderson

Registrar, Flagship Maritime

Credential Processing

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Copyright 2021 All images courtesy of Jan's Marine Photography, except, of course, this photo of Jan herself, taken by Flagship graduate Paul Porter!

Gig Harbor Lighthouse
Trial Island Lighthouse Victoria
Point Wilson Lighthouse Port Townsend
Brotchie Ledge Light
New Dungeness Lighthouse
Discovery Island Lighthouse  Victoria BC
Cattle Point Light
Race Rocks Light

FLAGSHIP MARITIME is a 2021 and 2022 Center of Excellence for Domestic Maritime Workforce Training and Education (CoE) designee.