Flagship uses Pacific Northwest charts exclusively for your training and your examinations, PLUS Flagship provides complete credentialing service with your tuition, including full notarial services, power of attorney, and third-party authorization.



"The class was well worth my time and effort. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken.  The instructor was first class, and his real world experience made the class come alive.  Skip, thanks for helping me set a new course."

Steve Hansen, Boeing engineer





USCG Safeboats Shilshole
Thurston County Sheriff
SPD Harbor Patrol 9
Rescue Boat Operator Training
Rescue Boat Operator Training
Pierce County Sheriff MV Mundell
Rescue Boat Operator Training
USCG in Bellingham Bay

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Successful completion of Flagship captain’s license training courses earns graduates a USCG-approved completion certificate, but frankly, that’s not enough for you to earn your license.  Enrollment in Flagship’s courses automatically includes full credentialing services, including package compilation and pre-screening, third-party authorization / durable power of attorney, complete notarial services, executing the mariner’s oath, processing of USCG evaluation and issuance fees, coaching regarding your TWIC card and your First Aid / CPR / AED training, coordination of medical exams and drug screening, electronic submittal to the National Maritime Center, and complete follow-through to license issuance.

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